Most San Diegans have spent a day or two in Mexico.

The close proximity of the border along with the appeal of authentic Mexican food, cheap drinks and even bargain prices on clothing and pharmaceuticals have for years drawn many tourists down to Tijuana.

Unfortunately at times many Americans enjoy one too many drinks and fail to designate a sober driver, instead opting to drive themselves.  Tragically that was the case in recent San Diego car accident news when a group of nine adults were returning from a night out in Mexico — where they had been drinking — and got into a car accident that killed one and injured many more.

At about 4:30 a.m., the two cars — a Mercedes-Benz and a Toyota — were driving westbound on Camino de la Plaza, when one car struck a pole and the other rolled over.  One passenger was ejected and died while the others were taken to area hospitals with injuries ranging from minor to critical.

While the cause of the car accident has not yet been confirmed, drunk-driving and drowsy driving are two of the top causes of car accidents.  In 2005 alone automobile accidents resulted in 4,329 wrongful deaths in California alone, and 40% of those deaths were caused by drunk drivers (DUI).

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