In Cleveland, Ohio the community of Highland High School is coming together to rally and show their support fo a senior who experienced a paralyzing injury earlier this month while playing football for the school’s team, the Hornets.

Our paralysis attorneys know how difficult it can be to adjust to living with paralysis.  There is a lot of pain and suffering for the injured person and their family, but a spinal cord injury that causes paralysis does not have to mean someone — no matter what age they are — should give up on life.  There is still hope.

The young man was a defensive back on the field.  During the last game he played, he experienced a vertebral compression fracture when he tackled another player on the opening kickoff of the game’s second half.  His spinal cord was damaged on three different vertebrae in the neck.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to [him] and the [family] during this difficult time,” said the Highland superintendent.  “Kory is an outstanding student who is liked both on and off the field.”

This injury is similar to the famous case of a college football player who became quadriplegic after hitting another player during a game.  Twenty-four years after his damaging spinal cord injury, he runs the Miami Project, a non-profit that is working towards a cure for paralysis.

Although it can be difficult, there is life after paralysis.  Our firm’s paralysis attorneys know how significant and life changing a spinal cord injury can be, but we are also optimistic about the future paralysis treatments being developed by medical experts to hopefully find a cure for paralysis soon.

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