Slips and falls can often cause serious injury including broken bones, spinal cord injury, and even traumatic brain injury or skull fractures. Unfortunately, they can also happen anywhere when safety measures are not fully met. Now, in a case out of Texas, a mother is coping with her son’s school accident after he slipped and fell on water in the school’s bathroom.

The boy’s mother noticed her son’s slurred speech and disorientation, but was unaware of the accident until her son was home and complaining of head pain. She immediately took her son to the hospital where he was treated for head injury after a series of CAT scans which identified the problem.

“My son is now traumatized. He had to go through multiple CAT scans and IV’s.” she said. “He is scared of people in scrubs. He’s 7 years old, and all of this, I don’t want it to happen to another kid.”

The boy’s mother has since expressed concern over the medical care her son received as she was never called after the injury was reported.

Her son received an ice pack and was sent back to class.

How you can make a difference at your school

Many parents are eager to make a difference at their child’s school to improve safety protocol. To stop another school accident from happening in your neighborhood, consider the following tips – and most importantly, take action! Many times, an accident can be avoided if a parent gets involved.

Identify your contact preferences on your child’s school cards

At the beginning of the school year, children are sent home with a packet that parents are supposed to fill out and return to their child’s teacher. In these packets, parents can identify health and safety preferences, including when a teacher or nurse should contact the parent. Be sure to notate on your child’s school cards that you wish to be immediately notified when any injury occurs, whether it is a cold or flu complaint, a slip and fall, or anything in between.

Speak to the school nurse

With our school systems shrinking, class sizes are getting bigger, which means a larger work load for school staff. While it’s no excuse to slack on the job, it’s often helpful for a parent to introduce themselves and their child to the school nurse in person. This is especially helpful if your child suffers from a certain ailment or illness.

Check out playground safety

Very often, children of all ages report injury after unsafe playground conditions are identified. Check with your school’s principal on how the playground is maintained, and for more information on playground safety, check out the National Program for Playground Safety for checklists and more.

When your child is injured

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