Are you ready for autonomous cars? Even though they are a ways off from being mass produced and sold to the American public, some firms suggest that they’re closing to happening than you might think. Self-driving cars present a lot of unique questions in terms of liability for car accidents, especially after  a Tesla with some autonomous capability recently got involved in an accident in FL.


The analyst firm Strategy Analytics and Intel worked together to generate a report showing that a passenger economy with self-driving cars could be worth $7 trillion by the year 2050. Self-driving cars could help to free up to 250 million hours of time that Americans spend commuting every single year which would lead to an $800 billion industry by 2035.


The study predicts that completely autonomous vehicles will proliferate globally by that year. According to the Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich, said that company should begin thinking about their autonomous options now. Developing this technology and practicing it years in advance will allow them to capitalize when the opportunity becomes available.


Intel does not have a plan to market and create their own autonomous vehicles but are instead partnering with BMW to generate a software that could be marketed to the industry at large. These projections could be important components of how autonomous cars and the enhanced safety features typically associated with them may be a reality sooner than most people think.

Those supporting self-driving cars argue they would help cut down on the many car accidents caused by human error every single day, but many people simply aren’t ready to give up control of the wheel, recent studies say.