On April 1, 2009, a semi truck lost its brakes and crashed into several cars and a bookstore in La Canada Flintridge — located north of Glendale, CA — causing the wrongful deaths of two people.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a law on August 6, 2009 that permanently bans big rigs and semi trucks from a portion of the Angeles Crest Highway to prevent further semi-truck accidents, like the one that happened five months ago.

As semi truck accident lawyers, we support this and any other new law that prevents injury or wrongful death because of car accidents.  Semi trucks often carry heavy loads, but even if they do not, the weight of a semi-truck is still more than double the size of a mid size car.

This car accident five months ago (April, 2009) caused the wrongful death of two people after the driver of a big rig lost control. The new law is a step in preventing other car accidents like this one.

The size of a semi-truck makes them increasingly more difficult for the driver to control the big rig, and any mistake can lead to a serious car accident that can lead to whiplash or spinal cord injuries leading to paralysis (i.e. paraplegia & quadriplegia).

After the crash, the state instituted a temporary ban on commercial trucks from traveling the highway.  Several other runaway truck accidents have occurred on the Angeles Crest Highway, causing lawmakers and drivers to believe the road is not equipped to handle the big rigs safely.

“There was never a reason for big rigs to use this narrow, steep road that ended in our quiet town,” said Assemblyman Anthony Portantino, who authored the law.

The new law bans vehicles with three or more axles or weighing more than 9,000 pounds from State Route 2 between La Canada-Flintridge and County Route N2.

As personal injury lawyers, we believe part of the government’s responsibilities include creating laws that protect the safety of its citizens.  This law and others like it are necessary steps to ensure driving on roads does not lead to injury or wrongful death.

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