The Social Security Act of 1965 set up the health insurance plan for people over 65 known as Medicare.  In 2009, there is a significant demand to change a plan that is over 40 years old.

A new law from two senators could aid many including those permanently affected from personal injury.

Our firm’s San Diego personal injury lawyers are anxious for any new proposal that could enhance the healthcare system (such as preventative healthcare) as we have known it since the 1960s.  People affected from permanent injuries from events like car accidents often have to use Medicare because they need help paying their medical bills.

Senators from both political sides said they want to make changes in Medicare that reward or penalize doctors, hospitals and nursing homes according to the quality of care they provided for those that need care (i.e. people affected from physical pain and suffering).

The two senators proposed a 5 percent bonus payment for office visits and other “primary care services” provided to Medicare patients by family doctors and internists.  General surgeons in some areas would receive a bonus like that, but Medicare payments to many other specialists would be reduced.

The important points in the new proposals to further help people who suffer from personal injury include:

  • increasing payments to doctors who exceed “national benchmarks” for the quality of care on a regular basis
  • pay bonuses to hospitals that provide superior care for heart related conditions and pneumonia
  • give extra payments to doctors if they hire nurses to manage follow-up care for Medicare patients discharged with chronic conditions
  • let the government set national standards for appropriate use of CAT scans, magnetic resonance (MRI) and other diagnostic imaging techniques

Our firm’s San Diego personal injury lawyers’ first priority is making sure our clients receive the proper medical care they deserve in order for them to recover from their personal injuries.  These new proposed plans would be a giant step forward to making sure that people affected from personal injury from events like car accidents get the proper care they require.

Finally, in addition to medical care, those injured in a car accident should not get stuck with outrageous medical bills.

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