Local radio station 760 KFMB posed a question that our firm’s pedestrian accident lawyers feel that it is an important one to ask.  How old is too old to drive, and at what age are you more likely to cause a car accident?

One boy was only 15-years-old and loved to skateboard, but his life was cut short on January 29, 2010, when a hit-and-run driver fatally struck him as he skated down Vista’s Thibodo Road.  In a strange turn of events, at the road-side memorial for his wrongful death, an elderly driver stopped and informed a sheriff’s deputy that he’d hit something the day before at the exact same spot.

The elder driver apparently believed his car had hit an owl.

The senior motorist has not been charged with anything as of yet.  Police followed him back to his house and examined the front of his Red Mustang, which had recent property damage done to the bumper.  Police labs are waiting for forensic reports to come in before formally charging the man with any crimes.

But what happens if this man is found to be at fault, should be think about the safety of elderly drivers?  As we get older, will we revert back to the same bad habits of teenage drivers (i.e. not checking before changing lanes, driving distracted, etc.)?  And if so, what do we do about elderly motorists currently on our roads — as well as ourselves — when we reach a certain age?

It shouldn’t be forgotten that this man did the right thing and went to the authorities after learning that he may have caused this teen’s wrongful death.  While it will not bring back the teen, at least he was honest and owned up to his mistake.  If everyone did that, the world would be a better place.

Still, regardless of age, our firm’s pedestrian accident attorneys in Vista think that reckless driving not something we should allow of any drivers.

Currently, the DMV does not allow drivers over the age of 70 to renew their licenses by mail.  Instead, they must come into a DMV branch every five years to take the written test and pass an eye exam.  But is it enough, especially when older drivers have been known to crash through crowded places of business or — as is the case here — possibly take a pedestrian’s life and not even know it?

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Your Take

What do you think should be done about elderly drivers on the road?  Is it fair to revoke a driver’s license because of old age?

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