A Wisconsin jury awarded a woman with a personal injury settlement on September 3, 2009 after she was severely injured after a car accident with a drunk driver.

Our San Diego car accident lawyers continue to be shocked by drivers who believe they can get away with drinking and driving.  Having a drink or two with friends never hurts anyone, unless of course, that same person gets behind the wheel of a car.  Alcohol effects drivers in so many ways that risk the lives of others on the road and causes thousands of deaths each year.  Why would you want to do anything that can injury such as whiplash or wrongful death of yourself or another person?

Unfortunately for the woman in this case, the driver that caused her car accident thought he could drive his car with such a high BAC, and that poor judgment caused her injuries.  She now walks with a cane, needs a deep tissue massage every two weeks and has yet to progress past physical therapy.  In short, her life has been worse than before she was hit by a drunk driver.

The total amount of the settlement was about $3.14 million which includes money for future medical expenses, loss of earnings and pain and suffering.  The man was sentenced to 18 months in jail for causing the car accident, which was his second drunk driving offense.

Some people learn their lesson the first time they get into a DUI car accident — if they live, of course — and do what is necessary to prevent another drunk driving incident from happening.  Our firm’s car accident lawyers in San Diego believe that if you’re caught drunk-driving more than once, your punishment should be greater so you learn to never risk another person’s life like that again.

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