Most people do not understand that the majority of car accident claims in California actually end in settlement negotiations. That means you’ll never actually have to go to a trial in the vast majority of cases, although a car accident injury claim could go that far. Many cases settle well before trial because the other side recognizes the numerous costs associated with going through litigation. As it relates to having a litigated case, the other party may be responsible for paying attorney’s fees and spending time and energy battling lawsuit. A car accident injury claim may be the best way for you to seek compensation for your injuries.

Realizing that it may be much more beneficial to settle the suit outside of court, you may find that the other side is interested in pursuing settlement negotiations. You might be wondering if it’s best to settle outside of court or to accept a settlement offer without first running it by your California personal injury attorney. An attorney can help you calculate whether the settlement is truly fair in line with your injuries and how long this settlement may be able to support you as a result of the injuries you have sustained. There are several advantages to settling before filing a lawsuit including;

  • Avoiding attorney’s fees
  • Getting your compensation more quickly
  • Avoiding an unpredictable decision in court
  • Avoid having to appear in court multiple times

There are some situations, however, in which you may be unable to resolve these issues with the other party, unless you go to court. Your California personal injury attorney should be just as comfortable working through settlement negotiations as he or she is helping you figure out how to prepare for trial.