Many city dwellers are opting to not purchase a car and instead retain the services of companies that let you rent a vehicle by the hour.

While this may seem like a good idea to many individuals who want to be able to drive a car without the high costs of car ownership, we — as car accident lawyers — cannot help but wonder who is maintaining these automobiles and ensuring that products liability and design defects and tire blowouts do not cause automobile accidents?

Renting a car by the hour is practical, but you never know where a car has been. Is a car accident possible from a previous user’s negligence?

More than often maintaining the proper parts of a car, such as tires, can prevent catastrophic car accidents that cause personal injury.  Indeed, all of us have heard about defective tires in the news; but many of the tires, even though defectively designed, might not have blown out if they were properly inspected and inflated.

A person may endure any number of personal injuries as a result of defective tires that result in automobile accidents such as spinal cord injuries, paralysis, whiplash, physical disabilities and even wrongful death.

With all share-car services, customers apply for membership, usually online, providing details such as their driver’s license number.  Once applications are reviewed, cards that open and lock the rented cars are mailed to approved members.  The companies also offer roadside assistance in case of an automobile accident.

Suppose a loved one or you suffered a personal injury, or even wrongful death, as a result of the negligence of the share-car service company to properly inspect their rental cars for safety.  Would you want the company to be held responsible for their negligent actions which directly led to your pain and suffering and left you needing help to pay the medical bills?

As experienced car accident attorneys, we encourage everyone who uses the share-care service to inspect the tires and vehicles themselves as this could prevent a personal injury.  If you are involved in a car accident seek help immediately.

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