If you have recently been hurt in a car accident, the initial hospital stay and other medical expenses may be the least of your problems. In fact, things can escalate when you need to rely on prescription medications to recover and handle the constant pain associated with your car accident.

Many people may be shocked even with health insurance when they go to the pharmacy and realize the extensive cost of prescription medications. Shopping around is the best way to minimize your expenses on prescription medications and get the best possible deal.

Contacting numerous different pharmacies before you fill your prescription and identifying whether or not there are any discount cards in place that could assist you is very valuable. It can be up to ten times the savings when you shop around for prescription drugs after a car accident. A new study conducted by consumer reports looked at 1200 adults using prescription medication and found that approximately 27 million Americans recently experienced a price hike of at least one drug.

This increased for one out of every three consumers amounting to at least an extra $50 a month. This is why it is extremely beneficial to shop around because many people don’t even realize how much they can save simply by taking these basic steps. If you need prescription medications after a car accident, make sure to discuss generic options with your doctors and to shop around to receive the best possible price.

Relying on prescription medications after a car accident is often vital for people who are recovering from catastrophic injuries and the right personal injury lawyer can help you to recover all medical expenses.