Fatigue, compromised night vision, shorter days, impaired driving and rush hour can all contribute to making operating your car at night more dangerous than at any other time of the day. According to the National Safety Council, the risk of a fatal accident is three times higher at night.

When daylight saving time ends, many people find themselves difficulty adjusting to spending more time driving at night. Color recognition, peripheral vision and depth perception can all be compromised when its dark out and the glare of headlights from oncoming drivers can temporarily blind you. Your visibility is limited to approximately 500 feet, even when you have high beam headlights on. There are several steps you can take to combat darkness and increase your chances of avoiding a serious accident while driving at night. These include:

  • Dimming your dashboard
  • Ensuring that your windshield is clean to eliminate streaks and visibility problems
  • Ensuring that your glasses are anti-reflective
  • Look away from oncoming lights when you see traffic
  • Aim your headlights properly and ensure they are clean
  • Slow down to compensate for reduced stopping time and limited visibility

One of the most common causes of accidents due to driving at night has to do with decreased vision as you get older. A 50-year-old driver may need twice as much light to properly see as a 30-year-old. Passing age 60 and beyond, driving can become even more complicated at night, making it very important to visit your eye doctor on a regular basis. If you have already been involved in an accident while driving at night, consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney in San Diego is vital.

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