A car crash settlement offer is a serious matter that warrants insight from an attorney. After being injured in a San Diego crash, you need to protect your rights and speak with a lawyer.

It is strongly recommended that you wait until you have achieved maximum medical improvement before accepting any car accident settlement offer. Maximum medical improvement refers to the plaintiff’s reaching a status where he or she has recovered as much as they are going to from a car accident injury. This does not mean that you have fully recovered and are in the same state that you were prior to the accident.

When you have achieved maximum medical improvement, you have a better picture of what kinds of ongoing medical care will be essential, what that care will cost and what your disabilities or physical limitations will be. This puts you in a good position to have a conversation of reached MMI and until you have a more comprehensive picture of your injuries and disabilities.

The best time to approach a car crash settlement offer in California is when you have both reached MMI and consulted with your San Diego car accident attorney. When you settle, you agree to release the other driver from any future liability. You give up your right to pursue another legal case. So if complications arise from your situation, you are not eligible to go back and file another case to receive more money.