Right now, it’s hard to imagine snowfall anywhere. With our gorgeous, beachy San Diego weather, snowfall just seems wrong. But, of course, there are plenty of places around our country that are dealing with crazy levels of snowfall just waiting for spring to melt it all away.

In Maine, people are dealing with the snowfall by having some fun – skiing to be exact. Many ski resorts are open and full of business as Americans cope with the chilly weather. But in one case, a twist of fate turned a fun ski day into a massive catastrophe. According to the San Diego Union Tribune (3/21/2015), a chairlift accident caused injury to four people due to a misfiring that caused the lift to malfunction.

Reports indicate that the chairlift stopped and then began sliding backward down the mountain. The negative pull of gravity on the chairlift riders caused panic to ensue. Skiiers and snowboarders jumped off the lift in an effort to move away from the misfiring lift.

Witnesses say the chairlift had “let loose” and gained speed as it careened down the mountain in the wrong direction.

The accident was the second of its kind at the resort. The lift has been in operation for 27, the San Diego UT reported.


Extreme sports like skiing and snowboarding carry an inherent risk of injury. In San Diego, although we have plenty of skiing in our neighboring city of Big Bear, our extreme sports center more on water skiing, wakeboarding, skateboarding, hang-gliding and rock-climbing. But just like skiing and snowboarding, these sports can also lead to injury and even wrongful death.

Fortunately, you can do a lot to keep safe. For instance:


You wouldn’t attempt to fly a plane just because you know how to drive, so be just as smart when it comes to extreme sports. You may be very athletic and keen at sports, but it doesn’t hurt to take a lesson or two before engaging in anything new. It’s just common sense and it can help you prevent injury as well.


A chairlift accident, such as this one occurring in Maine, is definitely an emergency. No one could have predicted the lift would have misfired. The truth is that we really never know when something will go wrong; we simply have to expect that it might and be prepared for when it happens. When it comes to extreme sports, you have to expect that something might go wrong. Maybe the parachute fails. Maybe the boat driver doesn’t see you in the water. Maybe the rock slips beneath your foot on a 15,000 foot mountain top. These are certainly scary scenarios but they can happen! Be prepared and know what to do in an emergency. Check out the best practices for your extreme sports and ask experts on what you can do to be prepared.


Some sports are safer when accompanied by another person. Even skiing, for example, can be safer when you ski alongside a friend, especially in the event of an emergency such as a broken limb or a ski jump gone wrong. Consider bringing along a friend, especially if you engage in a San Diego extreme sports such as mountain climbing, hang-gliding or hiking. At the very least, let someone know when you head out for the day.


Some sports injury cases require the expertise of a legal team skilled in personal injury. If you have been injured in a sports-related accident and you believe it is the fault of an organization or individual, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Give us a call today to speak to a sports attorney right away: 1-858-551-2090. We don’t collect unless we win your case. Call now.