If you feel tired throughout the day, this can develop into serious medical conditions for which you should get medical attention from an experienced and knowledgeable physician. This is because there are certain sleep disorders that may be able to be treated with medicine or other methods to help you avoid accidents or even the negative feelings of being exhausted all the time. Excessive day time sleepiness is a chronic condition associated with overwhelming fatigue during the day. Any sufferer of EDS will experience tiredness throughout the day, even if they appear to get appropriate amounts of sleep. These symptoms include:

  1.             Loss of appetite.
  2.             Feelings of anxiety or irritability.
  3.             Needing to take frequent naps throughout the day.
  4.             Feeling excessively sleepy.
  5.             Having no energy throughout the day.
  6.             Naps that don’t relieve the sleepiness symptoms.
  7.             Dosing off during inappropriate times.
  8.             Lapses in attention.

Because there are many different potential underlying causes associated with EDS, it is necessary to consult with an experienced doctor immediately to figure out the root cause. Three sleep disorders may ultimately lead to EDS and these include obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and restless leg syndrome. The most common tool used to diagnose excessive daytime sleepiness can be carried out by your physician. This is known as the Epworth Sleeping Scale. Your primary physician can do this based on a questionnaire and asks you to rate your likelihood of falling asleep during certain activities. Depending on the information that emerges from this questionnaire, your doctor can use this to help treat you and your sleep disorders.