Car accidents that occur as a result of a drowsy driver behind the wheel can be fatal mistakes because the slightest lack of instinct while driving could lead to the driver not noticing something hazardous quick enough.

When you are on the road, too many hazardous objects on the roads can cause car accidents that lead to the personal injury or wrongful death of you, your passengers, the other drivers and their passengers as well.

Newsweek revealed news from researchers at Harvard University that link memory and slumber.  Our firm’s car accident attorneys know that a lack of sleep can lead to drowsy driving which can cause car accidents.  Technically it is considered driving under the influence, even though drugs and alcohol are not involved.

The report discusses the different types of memory we all possess – declarative (fact-based information), episodic (events from your life) and procedural (how to do something).  This information is relevant because what if an automobile driver is on the road with a previous traumatic brain injury (like a concussion).

That person’s memory can be affected in relation to their driving.  For instance, if the car they drive has specific quirks that need to be remembered, for example, the gears in a manual transmission in a car stick from one gear to the next.  Those fact-based memories can lead to a car accident if they forget what they are.

The effects of drowsy driving are similar to those of drunk-driving.  An automobile driver’s cognitive skills and instincts are diminished.  Our car accident attorneys recommend the various ways to prevent drunk-driving all the time, but in this case, they say getting a good night sleep whenever possible will make you more alert behind the wheel.

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