“A shake for breakfast, another for lunch and a sensible dinner.”

That slogan has been popular since 1977 when Slim Fast went on the market for the first time.  After possible bacterial contamination was discovered in some products, Slim Fast had to issue a recall to prevent sickness from canned drinks with the defect.  It looks like that shake is not a sensible dinner — at least for the time being.

Unilever PLC issued a recall of their canned Slim Fast products because of possible contamination found. The contamination leads to diarrhea and nausea. (SOURCE: New York Daily News)

Products liability cases happen in processing plants where a large amount of a food product is made.  Our San Diego personal injury lawyers know that when it comes to liquid products like Slim Fast, one drop of contamination could make an entire supply potentially harmful to drink.  Because thousands of people use the Slim Fast products, the recall needed to be issued quickly to prevent people getting sick or possibly catching something that can cause wrongful death.

The recall issued on December 3, 2009 covers ALL Slim-Fast products in cans no matter the flavor, best-by date, UPC number or lot code.  Cans come in four, six or 12-packs of 11 ounce drinks, and ingesting contaminated drinks could cause symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting and nausea.

Company spokespeople for Unilever PLC’s United States subsidiary says products were sold across the nation and is working to find the cause of the contamination.  New production of Slim Fast will be put off until the problem is found and fixed.

Our personal injury attorneys want to do our part to make sure consumers are made aware of potentially dangerous products before they do damage.  Weight loss is important to many people, and Slim Fast is a trusted product.  Hopefully, production resumes to help Americans get healthier.

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