A lawsuit has been filed by a woman who claims a Chicago-area zoo didn’t properly prevent possible slip-and-fall accidents after animal stunts left water on a walking surface.

The woman says she was injured while walking near an exhibit at the Brookfield Zoo, where a group of Atlantic bottle nose dolphins are trained to perform.  She is demanding more than $50,000 for lost wages, medical expenses and emotional trauma stemming from the accident.

Our personal injury lawyers in San Diego know slip and fall accidents happen every day, and we advise our clients to exercise caution no matter what they’re doing.  If you are driving around in your car or walking around at a zoo or amusement park, there are hundreds of hazards that can lead to an accident causing injury or wrongful death.

If you are walking around an area where liquids can be on the floor, a slip and fall accident causing injuries like sprains, broken bones or traumatic brain injuries (concussions) can easily happen.  Always walk carefully whenever you encounter a wet surface.  That doesn’t mean companies who manage these properties do not have to take steps of their own.  If you own a property and water lands on a surface a person could slip on, make sure people are aware of the hazard before a slip and fall leads to injuries.

The slip and fall claim at the Chicago zoo alleges officials “recklessly and willfully trained and encouraged the dolphins to throw water at the spectators in the stands, making the floor wet and slippery, but failed to post warning signs or lay down protective mates or strips.”

The Chicago Zoological Society and the Forest Preserve District of Cook County operate the zoo in Chicago’s southwest suburbs.

Our San Diego personal injury attorneys know that injuries and accidents can happen at any time.  If you’re at work, on vacation or just enjoying a day with some fun creatures, you should always be careful of what you are doing because sometimes, companies may not be.  If you are hurt by someone else’s negligence, we recommend that you contact an experienced slip and fall lawyer who will make your interests the top priority and help you receive the medical treatment you need so that your recovery is quick and complete.

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