More and more studies are showing the same results: when it comes to smaller automobiles in car accidents with midsized autos, the mini cars have a higher chance of causing a fatal car accident to their passengers because they are not as safe as larger models.

As car accident attorneys, we have reviewed a lot of cases where small cars are subjected to more personal injuries of their occupants during auto accidents.  As mini, fuel-efficient models become more and more popular fatal car accident statistics will continue to increase.

Even if you have the best car insurance policy available for your vehicle, that does not stop an accident from happening in the first place.

It all comes down to physics, specifically the principles concerning size and weight.  Larger bigger cars tend to absorb more crash energy in an auto accident and do not transfer as much of it to their passengers. However, there is less energy-absorbing potential in smaller cars and that is what makes these fuel-efficient cars more likely to be involved in fatal car accidents.

Automakers continue to challenge the results of these tests, saying that resemble the type of car accident that happens on a very rare occasion and only under a set of irregular circumstances.

“Compatibility between small and large cars remains an issue that needs to be addressed, however you have a crash that is not designed for the real world…You are going to have results that seem catastrophic,” said the former National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

It appears that drivers are more concerned with saving the environment than saving their lives in a car accident, but the gas mileage trade-off may not be as effective as consumers wish they were.  For example, a Honda Fit is rated 31 miles per gallon in city/highway driving compared to the larger Honda Civic that gets 29 miles per gallon.

As automobile accident attorneys, we know that responsible drivers are looking for a car that is able to conserve gasoline and guarantee a level of safety.  We urge all drivers to thoroughly research all automobiles before purchasing one.

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