Unfortunately, more people have witnessed their fair share of distracted driving behavior on roads throughout America, either in their own vehicle or those involving other cars. Distracted driving can happen for many different reasons and relying on a smartphone is not the only cause behind someone being involved in a serious distracted driving accident. Despite the fact that most people acknowledge that distracted driving is dangerous and has the potential to lead to unnecessary fatalities, many people overestimate their ability to remain focused on the road.

The National Safety Council presents that fatal vehicle accidents across the United States have increased in the past three years and a study with the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute through the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that using a smartphone at all led to changes in lane position and inconsistent speed. Those that use a touchscreen rather than voice controls made a driver much more likely to be distracted and the very act of texting a driving itself increased the chances of a vehicle accident by as much as double.

If you believe that someone already caused a critical accident on the roads with you and that you suffered the consequences for their distracted behavior, you need to schedule a consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney.