With a new administration in office, many new laws are in the works as President Obama looks to make his mark.

While the government is actively pushing for many policies to be passed, one of them directly affects the automobile industry.   The aim of this new auto maker policy is to “go green” in the auto industry.

But what if rapid production of new environmentally friendly vehicles had design defects which caused car accidents?

Our car accident attorneys believe that it’s great that people drive fuel efficient cars.  We also want to remind you that you should only drive any car after it has been thoroughly inspected for design defects to prevent car accidents.  Design defects are often the root cause of an auto accident.  You could be driving a car that has a defective roof that does not protect you in a rollover accident.

This new law would effectively end legal and political battles with the struggling auto industry over the best way to cut fuel consumption, cut back on tailpipe emissions and accelerate the timeframe for improving gas mileage.  The drawback would be the increased pressure on an already struggling U.S. automakers such as General Motors, Ford Motors and Chrysler to speed up the development of more efficient gasoline engines, as well as new gasoline/electric hybrids and all-electric cars.

If the production of new cars is accelerated by companies that are already struggling, who is to say that cheaper — possibly defective — auto parts won’t be chosen to cut costs?  Could these lead to car accidents?  As car accident attorneys, we believe that driving a safe and well inspected automobile should always be your top priority.

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