A recent accident involved dozens of vehicles near Bakersfield that left two individuals dead and several others injured. The crash led to southbound I-5 in San Diego being closed early on on January 1.

Heavy fog was forecasted in the area prior to the accident happening. Weather conditions such as fog could compromise a driver’s ability to see can lead to pile-up accidents happening relatively quickly.

Unfortunately, this accident on I-5 in San Diego illustrates just how quickly an accident can happen and the devastating toll such a wreck can have.

Make sure that when driving through fog, you use your high beam lights and proceed cautiously. This is not an opportunity to speed or engage in reckless behavior as fog can conceal other vehicles in front, behind of or next to you and a collision could have catastrophic consequences in the form of personal injuries and significant damage if you’re not careful.

The best way to proceed cautiously in fog is to move slowly and to make use of your lights wherever possible. Other drivers may not have feel confident driving in the fog, so remain aware of your surroundings at all times. Doing so is a good driving rule to begin with, but it could save your life and prevent an accident when fog is out.

Be aware that you may not be able to spot other drivers around you and that not everyone may have their lights on. This makes it even more important to proceed at a cautious speed.

Whether an accident occurs on I-5 in San Diego or elsewhere in the area, negligence on the part of someone else could form the foundation of a personal injury claim for compensation.