Speed limits on cars have been around for almost as long as cars themselves have, which is over 50 years.  These speed limits and speeding ticket fines have been implemented in an attempt to stop speeding, but are cars speeding any less than they were?  No, statistically, speeding has increased, and is currently the cause of about 30% of all car accident deaths in the United States.  Our car accident attorneys value the safety of all car drivers, their passengers, and others, and believe that preventing cars from speeding should be of primary concern.

Sadly, in various federal agency documents, the effect of speeding on car accidents is often de-emphasized.  For instance, speeding is not listed as an “agency priority” by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) in its annual assessment of how to reduce the number of car accidents.  The only factors that made the list were rollovers, seat belts, alcohol, and vehicle compatibility.  But with speeding causing 30% of all car accident deaths in the US, as auto accident lawyers, we strongly believe that there should be more attention paid to solving the speeding problem.

And yet, there appears to be a fairly simple solution in front of our eyes.  Why produce cars that can go well beyond the speed limit?  People may say that motor vehicles sometimes need enough horsepower to drive up a mountain path.  That is true, and while the cars can be allowed to maintain the same horsepower, the speed itself can be limited.  The technology to achieve that has been in existence for about 50 years: cruise control.  Modifying cruise control keeps the car moving at a steady speed.  Meaning, a cruise control adjustment could have motor vehicles drive below 75 mph, because the car itself will not be able to surpass that speed.  This may very possibly reduce the number of car accidents.

Our car accident lawyers believe “the ticket-them-until-they-stop method” is not working on speeding drivers, so why not employ a more forceful method that makes speeding impossible?  Why do Americans insist on the unalienable right to speed?  Our auto accident lawyers believe that cars should never go past 75 miles per hour, because that is cruising towards a personal injury and medical treatment, that is, if you survive the accident.

Yes, it would take us longer to get to our destination.  But we do not believe the thrill of speeding matches up to the annual cost of thousands of deaths.

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