A second Arizona county has revoked all car speeding tickets issued within its boundaries.  Arrowhead Justice Court Judge of Maricopa County, issued an order declaring the state’s freeway photo radar program unconstitutional.

“It is the determination of this court that the provisions of ARS (Arizona Revised Statue) 41-1772 are unconstitutional and unenforceable within the jurisdiction of this court,” he said, after a judge in Pinal County was the first to reject photo radar ticketing.

Our firm’s auto accident attorneys feel conflicted about this, because they are supportive of anything that lowers personal injuries and wrongful deaths out on the road.  They see cases all the time where speeding has been the main factor in causing an accident and that it may have been prevented if a cameras have been keeping a watchful eye.

After determining that there were different penalties for drivers pulled over by police officers than for drivers merely photographed by the system, the judge found the differences to be unfair.

Since then, the justice has not gone against his word, tearing up at least 400 state-issued camera tickets stemming from his jurisdiction of North Glendale, Peoria, Sun City and Surprise.  A previous state representative and mayor of Peoria, the judge has stood against the issue of camera ticketing programs in the past.

“Finally, a judge with common sense who follows the Constitution,” said one Camera Fraud Tucson organizer.

Our firm’s car accident attorney’s perspective are unsure about this ruling’s effect on car accident statistics.  We have stated this many times: our first priority is to improve car driver safety, reduce the amount of property damage, and keeping people alive.  Perhaps not coincidentally, Missouri and Mississippi are enacting similar measures to eliminate this technology as well.

Still, speeding causes many car accidents, and any way we can curb it is helpful.  What do you think should be done about this?

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