Next year, a team of aerodynamic race car drivers are looking to test the North American Eagle, a type of rocket car, through a measured mile of the Nevada desert to set a new land speed record of about 800 miles per hour, potentially ushering in a new generation of drivers who get into car accidents at extremely high speeds.

Our car accident lawyers believe that drivers who speed above the lawful limit can cause severe auto accidents.  Our office sees cases all the time where personal injury and even fatal car accidents occur due to negligent driving and speeding.

Many of these rocket cars can hold one or two occupants in their structure and while the autos are on a controlled course in the desert landscape, the dangers of any regular car accident are still very prevalent.

The North American Eagle, when it is tested in 2010, is looking to travel 45 miles per hour over the speed of sound.  Its speed, combined with a light weight structure not meant to withstand an auto accident, and the fact that it runs on jet fuel means that any crash in the car could easily lead to a fatal death accident.

It is only a matter of time before foreign and domestic car manufactures look to produce a model of car similar to the North American Eagle to sell to the average car driver.  Can you imagine seeing a rocket car traveling faster than the speed of sound down the highway?

Now just imagine everyone on the open road speeding at 800 miles per hour and the type of auto accidents that could come from their use.

As car accident lawyers, we see auto accident cases everyday because drivers did not follow the speed limit and ended up causing property damage and personal injury to themselves and other motorists.  We urge everyone to leave the rocket car driving to the experts in the desert and abide by the laws of the road.

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