A speeding car slammed through three different fences in the Oceanside area, ultimately sending the driver to the hospital with severe injuries. The accident happened at the corner of Elsinore and North Santa Fe Avenue in Oceanside just before 5:00pm. According to the police investigation of the accident, the driver did not appear to be impaired at all, but the excessive speed of the vehicle could have caused the accident. Victims may not be able to get out of the way of a speeding vehicle, making it that much more likely that injuries or property damage could occur.

The accident area had a 45 mile per hour zone sign posted but it is estimated that the driver of the vehicle was traveling at between 90-100 miles per hour. he was unable to handle the gradual turn and this caused the car to jump the curb and slam into the fences. First, the vehicle hit a block wall in front of the housing community and then burst through an iron fence and through another wooden fence dividing two neighbors’ backyards.

A fireplug was what finally stopped the car. Emergency responders arriving at the scene had to use the jaws of life in order to get the driver out of the vehicle and he was flown to Scripps La Jolla Hospital. Severe car accidents caused by speeding can do irreparable damage and in this case, it was lucky that no further individuals were injured as a result of the excessive speeding vehicle. If you have already been injured as a result of another driver’s reckless behavior in a speeding vehicle, you need to consult with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Speeding might seem innocuous, but aside from being illegal, it can also impair your ability to respond quickly or to stop your car in the event of an emergency or accident. It’s all too easy to lose control of your vehicle when you’re speeding. All told, it is best to simply respect the speed limit and prevent yourself from being injured as a result of losing control of the car.