A recent Carlsbad car accident reminds us that anything can happen on the road. Although we get behind the wheel each day, we just never know what may be in store.

Fox 5 San Diego News (2/26/2015) recently reported on a Carlsbad accident that occurred between a sports car and a motorcycle in an unfortunate twist of events.

According to reports, the vehicle and motorcycle collided when both drivers veered off the roadway in apparent unison just north of Avenida Encinas. Both vehicles seemed to lose control simultaneously, smashing through a handful of chain-link fences before coming to a sudden halt.

Reports indicate the driver of the vehicle sustained moderate trauma while the motorcyclist was left with severe injuries following the Carlsbad car accident. The accident occurred just after 1:30 p.m. on a known coastal road. Traffic was jammed for hours thereafter as officials responded to the scene.


Is it possible that both the vehicle and the motorcycle wanted to perform the same action (i.e., lane change) at the same time? It is certainly possible, but investigators are still seeking the cause of this accident which still remains unknown. Either way, the truth is that our roads hold a level of uncertainly which makes it all the more important to approach driving with caution and constant focus.

We really don’t know what will happen when we get behind the wheel. But, we can be proactive when it comes to our safety and the safety of others.


If you don’t regularly travel a certain road, you don’t know what to expect. So, approach unfamiliar roadways with caution and be ready to react quickly in the event of an emergency. You may also want to slow down a bit just to ensure you have adequate time to react.


It’s hard to see motorcycles. They’re much smaller than cars and they often zip around traffic, making them all the more unpredictable. And that means we, as drivers, must be all the more aware of motorcycles on the road. Check your mirrors regularly and know that if you do see a motorcycle, chances are it is closer than you think. Its small size makes it look farther away in mirrors but motorcycles could be just a few feet away. So, when you make a lane change or turn, assume the bike is closer than you think and use caution. Or simply let the motorcycle pass before you change your route on the road.


Whether you’re in front of a motorcycle or not, it makes sense to give yourself time to react to an emergency situation. Four to seven seconds could be just enough time to stop your vehicle before it collides into the car – or motorcycle – ahead.


The old saying is true: Common sense is not that common. But as good drivers, we know that common sense can go a long way when it comes to your personal safety. Don’t engage in distractions behind the road. And, never drink and drive. Heed conventional wisdom when you’re behind the wheel.


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