According to new research, pavement markings that alert approaching drivers to stop signs at intersections reduce car accidents.

Markings and signs that read “STOP AHEAD” reduce automobile accidents by at least 15% at intersections, said a recent car accident statistical analysis from the Federal Highway Administration.

Our car accident lawyers support anything that has the potential to prevent car accidents.  So many people’s injuries or wrongful deaths are caused by car accidents every year that any measure to prevent car accidents should be done.

Car accidents declined when these markers were installed.  They were most effective at three-point intersections where crashes went down as much as 60%, compared to a 23% decrease at 4-point intersections.  All-way stop intersections showed a 56% decrease in automobile accidents — four times greater than at intersections with one- or two-way stops.  Furthermore, all-way stops even had a 42% decrease in injury crashes.

The agency evaluated these markings for its study at intersections in Maryland, Arkansas, and Minnesota.

Despite accounting for just a small portion of the highway system, there were 2.4 million car accidents caused by running stop signs — representing 41 percent of all police-reported auto accidents — in 2007, and stop signs are the primary form of traffic control at U.S. intersections.

Most intersections without signals are on rural and suburban roads with low volume, while they also generally have higher speed limits.  Car drivers may not anticipate or even see stop signs at such intersections, and that could cause a wrongful death accident.  In 2007 alone, there were 561,000 reported auto accidents at stop signs, and about 2,800 of them were fatal car accidents.

As far as cost effectiveness of this plan, the agency adds that STOP AHEAD is well worth the cost of about $78 to $366 per approach.  The Federal Highway Administration estimates that car accidents at non-red light intersections cost about $55,060 each, including medical expenses, emergency services, property damage, and lost productivity.

When you factor in the safety benefits — as we car accident lawyers do – we strongly believe in this excellent simple accident prevention program.  Why not put these “Stop Ahead” markings at every stop sign?

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