When Smythe Elementary school opened in San Ysidro in 2003, part of the planning involved a pair of city streetlights that were to be put in for the safety of students and families in the neighborhood.  Years later, the chances of pedestrian accidents happening are high because those streetlights still haven’t been installed according to the San Diego Union Tribune.

As the sun sets every day, the possibility of car-pedestrian accidents increase because your visibility is lowered during nighttime driving hours.  During daylight savings time, some elementary facilities have after-school programs that operate until 5 p.m. or later.

Lack of San Ysidro streetlights putting children in danger of pedestrian accidents.

In a San Diego Union Tribune column written in February of 2009, a Union-Tribune writer commented on the lack of streetlights near Smythe Elementary School in San Ysidro — a neighborhood of San Diego.

Thanks to pointing out a problem that can cause pedestrian accidents, the street will be getting its lights … seven years from now.  School and city officials confirmed that the streetlights are vital, and a plan to correct the mistake has been developed.

According to residents, two utility poles with lights attached were taken out after city crews widened Smythe Avenue to provide a new drop-off lane in front of the elementary school.  After the construction was done, however, the poles weren’t reattached.  One resident told the Union Tribune that she blames the darkness for two car thefts and an assault in front of her house.

The interim assistant superintendent for business services in the San Ysidro School District has been working with San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) as well as the original planning contractors  to replace the two missing lights.  Using existing poles, the new streetlights will be placed on the opposite side of the street.

The eputy director of the Field Engineering Division for the city of San Diego has no idea why the lights weren’t put in, but there is speculation there may have been problems getting power to the poles at the locations in the original planned for.  Nevertheless, new streetlights will be installed at the expense of Douglas E. Barnhart Inc. of San Diego, the school contractor.

Our car accident lawyers in San Diego believe that protecting you as a pedestrian is extremely important because you don’t have the same protection that a car offers (i.e. crumple zones, airbags or seat belts).

Proper lighting of streets is a necessary component of safety, so city engineers need to have plans that provide adequate lights for citizens.  If you happen to notice a street that you feel doesn’t have sufficient lighting, contact one of your local politicians to see if adjustments can be made.

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