New laws will force all new airplanes to be required to have seats that will stay in place when subjected to crashes up to 16 times the force of gravity.  This new requirement hopes to limit the amount of personal injuries and wrongful deaths that can result from a plane crash.

While plane crashes are more news worthy, our San Diego personal injury attorneys know that automobile accidents are far more likely to happen.  That is why you need to take the utmost precaution while driving because you never know when it may save a life.

While new air bags are being put into airplanes, pilots — just as car drivers — should not rely on their function to prevent personal injuries.  Both car drivers and pilots should practice all safety methods when operating their respective methods of transportation as their awareness and safety could prevent accidents that result in personal injury from happening.

The new air bags borrow technology from automobiles.  They are set off by a shock meter that comes directly from cars.  And like the systems used in cars and trucks, the seat belt air bags in planes are designed not to deploy inappropriately — as in cases of air turbulence.

Airplane seats are tested using some of the same methods highway safety authorities use on car seats in order to prevent children’s injuries.  The plane seats are tested on sleds, using crash-test dummies borrowed from automobile accident testing.  There are a variety of test criteria including one for head trauma, that would lead to traumatic brain injuries, that is the same as that used by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Our personal injury attorneys in San Diego are thrilled that new airplanes will have sturdier seats and air bags that will prevent personal injury or even wrongful death from occurring when involved in a plane crash.

We understand that plane crashes, just like car accidents, happen every year so new safety methods for either method of transportation  that can prevent personal injury from occurring are a giant step in the right direction.

Both driving and flying are methods of travel used by millions of Americans every year, so everyone must do their part to ensure safe travel without personal injury or wrongful death.

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