Soccer, for the most part, is a safe sport. It does not require bodily use like football, nor does it ordinarily compromise the head, neck and spine. In fact, even a 5 year old can do it!

But the truth is, even soccer can pose a risk for injury. In a recent case according to NBC San Diego (3/22/2015), a student was airlifted to Rady Children’s Hospital after a soccer goal post fell on top of him. Although rare, sports equipment can be the cause of injury and even wrongful death. Fortunately, in this case, the boy is expected to survive although he is recovering from serious, unknown injury.

Witnesses say the accident occurred when the boy was supposedly doing pull-ups on the portable goal posts. Apparently, due to the top-heaviness of the equipment, it toppled over on the boy, trapping him underneath the goal post weight.

The sports accident occurred in P.E. class, according to the school district. Another teacher who attempted to pull him out from underneath the post also sustained minor injuries, reports indicated.

School officials insisted that the goal posts were standard equipment. Other coaches from the greater San Diego area also said these portable posts were common among leagues as well.

According to reports, referees generally check goal posts for safety prior to the start of soccer games; however, in this case, given the fact that the accident occurred in P.E. class, it is possible that goal posts were not checked.

School officials will continue to investigate the accident.


It’s a parent’s worst nightmare: the phone rings and it’s your child’s school. Something has happened. It’s serious. Your child has been injured.

Just the thought of that phone call is simply frightening! But you can do a lot to prevent that type of call from ever happening.

When it comes to your child’s safety at school and in sports, stay proactive about preventing injury while also being a reasonable and sensible parent. After all, nothing can backfire more than being intrusive and overbearing. At the same time, it makes sense to be proactive – starting with your child first.

Here’s what you can do to prevent your child’s injury at school.


Kids will be kids, right? That’s true, but it makes sense to plant the seeds of safety early on. Although “kids will be kids,” you can be the voice of reason that reminds your child to always use equipment properly, follow the rules and check in with teachers to maintain their safety. Remind your child that they should avoid horseplay when instruction is happening at school, even if the class is for physical education.


If you have concerns over old equipment or lack of supervision, talk to your school administrator. Action won’t happen unless parents speak up about the issues. Don’t keep silent in the name of appeasement. Simply let your school principal know your concerns, especially if equipment looks unkempt or poses an obvious safety concern. Then, change can more readily happen when reasonable voices are heard.


Check in with your child’s teacher often. Communication is always a good idea between your home and school; it not only benefits your child when it comes to academics, but it also reminds your child and the teacher that you care about what’s happening at the school.


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