A new study conducted by Privilege Car Insurance in the United Kingdom identified that the driving habits exhibited by 1400 motorists found that up to 89% of oldest children speed, although only 35% of them have been caught and fined for that offense. Nearly half of the oldest siblings cut in front of other drivers on the road. However, an alarming 30% of first born children admitted that they used mobile phones while driving and as many as 17% admitted to applying makeup while in the front seat.

Younger siblings, however, tended to score much lower in all of these areas. However, the best and safest road users were only children, according to the results of the study.

If you are a parent and are about to allow a teenager to get his or her temporary permit or driver’s license, you likely have concerns about allowing him or her to operate a vehicle when you are not present. Establishing clear rules or even a driving contract can help to cut down on the number of teen driving accidents. While older siblings may engage in some of the most dangerous behavior, according to the results of this study, any child who is relatively new to driving will not have the necessary experience or potential focus to remain as safe as possible behind the wheel of a car.

Lots of practice and modeling good behavior in front of these teen drivers and older siblings can help to decrease the chances that they will engage in these kinds of distracting issues but it is not a guarantee. If you have recently been involved in an accident with a teen driver who wasn’t paying attention, you may have grounds to file a legal claim for compensation after consulting with an experienced lawyer.