Americans love to shop, and producers of goods and services will always find more things to sell to the public.  One place where Americans young and old go to get the products they may not necessarily need is the mall.

In Virginia, Tysons Corner, a 1,700-acre area 14 miles west of downtown Washington, D.C., is home to car dealerships, strip malls and fast-food restaurants.  Not to mention highways and a big toll road that can lead to pedestrian accidents.

A proposed suburban shopping mall has pedestrian accident lawyers concerned.

Our pedestrian accident attorneys believe Americans should be able to commute to shopping centers for the products they want or need without the threat of pedestrian accidents causing wrongful death looming over their head.

With highways and toll roads surrounding a pedestrian shopping center, fast moving cars are too close to pedestrians.  A miscalculation by a driver or not paying attention at the wrong time can lead to pedestrian accidents that can cause personal injuries like traumatic brain injuries.  Every morning, 110,000 cars arrive, and they all leave at five,” says an ex-federal transportation official whose goal is to turn Tysons into a complete city where people live and work all day every day.

The blueprint calls for an extension of the Metro line connecting Washington to Dulles International Airport with four stops at Tysons on the way.  New housing developments are also planned to bring the total of available homes to 50,000.

If these plans work, a city can be created at Tysons corner similar to King of Prussia, Pennsylvania (outside Philadelphia).  Hopefully, these plans will be completed by the estimated 2013 date and prevent personal injury or wrongful death in pedestrian accidents.

Our pedestrian accident lawyers know how dangerous it can be for pedestrians.  Drivers are not always paying attention to everything around them, and pedestrian accidents can happen.

We urge drivers and pedestrians to travel safely.  Drivers should always mind their surroundings, and pedestrians should always follow walking rules they learned from their parents — look both ways before crossing and cross the street on green lights.

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