According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (2008) (an auto accident-related part of the US Federal Government), the definition of “road rage,” “involves a criminal act of violence.”  Now, let us compare that to aggressive driving which can consist of everything from tailgating and speeding, which can easily cause a car accident.

Aggressive car accidents is the reason for about 1/3 of all car crashes and about 2/3 of all wrongful deaths out on the road.

  1. Anger can cause health problems:  Studies show that people who are more likely to become angry and aggressive are also at a greater risk for heart attacks, strokes, depression, and being overweight.  So, our car accident attorneys believe that taking care of your health can help to prevent an unfortunate car accident.
  2. Be polite:  Treat other drivers the same way that you would like to be treated.  Aggressive driving only may cause others drivers to act in the same manner, which may result in a car accident.
  3. Get enough sleep:  Not getting enough sleep can cause us to become irritated and angry.  (We believe, and we are lawyers, not doctors, that most people need about 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night to feel alert and safely drive a car).   Think about people that drive for a living who get in crashes..
  4. Take a driving break:  When driving long distances, in our experience as car accident attorneys that frequent breaks accompanied by stretching when driving long distances can avoid fatigue.
  5. Stress relief:  Be cautious not to use driving as a means of relieving stress or blowing off steam.  The more stress you have can increase you chance of getting into a car accident.
  6. Use good manners:  Driving may lead to bring feelings of being alone, and people are more prone to aggressive behavior when they feel that others are not paying attention.  Look at it another way, if someone cuts you in front of you while standing in line at Starbucks, you are less likely to react with extreme aggression or make a scene.  Use the same reasoning to prevent a car accident.
  7. Do not take others’ bad driving personally:  Do not take it personally when another automobile cuts you off, or passes you.  You certainly do not want to get into any type of competition with another erratic driver.  Sometimes, bad driving is from personal mental suffering, not due to other drivers on the road.
  8. Take the self-test:  The American Institute for Public Safety (2008) recommends that all drivers analyze their own driving.  Recording yourself while or even having someone else give you feedback about your driving may shed some light on how much aggression you actually have when driving.
  9. Plan ahead:  Waking up earlier, preparing the night before, and other planning ahead methods can reduce stress and help to prevent aggressive driving.  Adding just 5-10 minutes to your estimated driving time will save you from rushing and getting into a potential stressful situation which leads to a car accident.
  10. Music:  Some music in your car can cause you to not only be careless but to drive aggressively.  Be careful not to turn up the bass (deep noise) too much or listen to loud music.  It also drowns out other important noises, such as horns and sirens.
  11. DrinkingDriving under the influence (DUI) can cause a driver to become easily enraged.  It is also illegal and should not be done for any reason.

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