Whatever keeps kids occupied and non-disruptive during a car trip may be a preventative measure against an automobile accident.  For instance, video game systems and DVD screens in the back seats may allow car drivers to remain more focused on the road.

Chrysler’s 2009 models may feature Wi-Fi and internet connectivity, which may be preoccupying not only to the passengers in the back, but also possibly to the driver.  Since internet connectivity will not be limited only to the back seats, this jeopardizes the safety of everyone in the car as well as everyone else on the road.

Our car accident lawyers have handled cases where car accidents occurred because the driver was distracted by checking emails and text messaging on cell phones.  Add internet connectivity, and that means laptops have officially joined the ever-increasing race of driver distractions.  Studies have shown that some automobile drivers use their laptops while driving without being connected to the internet.  Our car accident lawyers strongly believe that direct internet access from one’s car is going to increase car drivers’ usage of laptops and other devices.

The attorneys at our firm want people to understand that connecting to the internet is not only going to occur in the back seats, but that car drivers may start connecting also, despite it not being shown in the Chrysler promotional videos.

An additional problem is that even if the car drivers themselves do not connect to the internet, the other occupants of the vehicle surfing the internet may distract the drivers from the road.  Imagine a friend sitting in the front passenger seat, laughing at a YouTube video.  The driver will probably be distracted and be itching to know what the video is about.  How many drivers are going to park properly before saying, “Let me see what you are laughing at.  I want to watch too.”

Chrysler first came up with the idea of a “living room on wheels.”  But are they concerned that these “living rooms” may end up sailing off the road?  As auto accident lawyers, we believe that if the “living room” is going to cost lives, it is better to avoid a car accident by staying away from the living room itself.

Our firm’s car accident attorneys handle cases where distracted drivers cause traffic accidents, personal injuries, and a whole lot of pain and suffering that usually requires a heavy amount of medical treatment to fix.  Please do not put yourself and others in harms way by giving in to more distractions while driving.

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