What makes night driving on the roads during the weekends so dangerous is that you never know when you might have a run-in with a drunk driver.

For one woman suspected of intoxication behind the wheel, her run-in was with the law.  The San Diego Union Tribune reports that on February 13, 2010 a San Diego Police Department  (SDPD) vehicle was blind-sided in a car accident by an alleged drunk-driver on Interstate 5.  The auto accident occurred around 11 p.m. on that Saturday night, the time when parties and drinking are in full effect.

The auto accident attorneys who work at our San Diego law firm try to educate everyone about how stop DUI accidents before they happen, but feel that if this civilian driver is found to have been intoxicated behind the wheel, then at least she crossed paths a law enforcement who would know how to react to a reckless driver that might be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The SDPD officer was traveling north on I-5 when he was cut off at Sassafrass Street by a female driver at the helm of a Mazda 3.  The two vehicles collided, but thankfully no catastrophic injuries resulted from the highway accident.  Authorities who arrived on the scene arrested the Mazda driver on suspecion of drunk-driving.

If you have been reading Serious Accidents for a while, then you know that drunk-driving accidents are preventable and we advocate heavily for the implemenation of technology that will take drunk-drivers off of the road for good.  While it was probably does not seem like a lucky thing to run into a police officer, hopefully he or she is prepared for a that situation.

But what happens to the every day motorists, coming home late from work every night, and gets caught in a drunk-driver’s path of destruction?  That’s what our auto accident attorneys want to know.  How many people must get injured or lose their life before mechanisms are installed for stopping inhebriated drivers before they even get behind the wheel of a car with one drop of alcohol in them.

Drunk driving accidents shouldn’t just be prevented on weekends, but all the time.

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