You know when you see those signs on the highway that give you a number if you see an aggressive or drunk-driver?  One car driver saw what appeared to be a drunk-driver (DUI), but he still could not help prevent a car accident.

In Redlands, a suspected drunk-driver of 27-foot motor-home failed to pull over for police before running a red light and causing a three-car accident at 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday, February 3, 2009.

Our firm’s San Diego car accident attorneys believe that people that drive under the unfluence of alcohol or drugs deserve to punished the fullest extent of the law, because they are putting others at risk of getting into a car accident that could leave them emotionally traumatized for the rest of their lives.

The Ford Jamboree RV had a sideswipe auto accident with a Ford F150 truck which then had another car accident with a Chevrolet S10 truck.  The RV rolled forward and had a single-car accident with a power pole, partially knocking it over.

The dangling high-voltage power lines from the auto accident swung dangerously close to the street and forced officials to shut down the road until it could be fixed.

The 59-year-old suspected drunk driver was believed to have been suffering from a medical condition, possibly diabetes, according to authorities.  He apparently did not remember the accident when he was taken to a hospital for medical treatment.

This sort of auto accident can happen at any time, even though this car accident was caused by a man that was merely unstable at the time, suffering from a medical condition.  Running a red light is extremely dangerous and usually causes the deadliest car accidents that often result in wrongful deaths.

Since this auto accident occurred near noon, it just goes to show that drunk-drivers exist at all timesof the day, does it not?

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