by Michael Pines

Pedestrian safety is such an important part of being mobile in San Diego. With the beach, shops, and the local attractions, our city boasts a lot of foot traffic in coastal neighborhoods and throughout inland areas, too. According to, San Diego is the 18th most walkable city in the nation.

As passersby enjoy the attractions, though, it’s never been more important to practice roadway safety to avoid a pedestrian accident. While it is also the driver’s responsibility to watch for pedestrians, it often takes the diligence of the pedestrian to stay safe in traffic and beyond.

NBC San Diego is reporting a pedestrian accident involving a deputy in pursuit of a suspected drunk driver.

According to reports, a police official sped up to catch up to a suspected DUI driver when he struck a man — a worker at one of the nearby restaurants on West San Marcos Boulevard where the collision occurred.

He was just getting off work when the pedestrian accident occurred.

Reports indicate that police lights or sirens were not yet activated in the initial pursuit of the suspected drunk driver. A spokesperson for the San Diego Sheriff’s Department explained the deputy was devastated to have taken a life while trying to catch a DUI driver.

Pedestrians urged to take precaution

No one ever knows when an accident will happen. If we had that kind of foresight, many accidents would never occur. However, despite the fact that we cannot predict an accident, we can take precautions to help reduce their risk. Here are 3 things you can do today to be safe as a pedestrian in San Diego.

1.       Look left, right, then left again – and then cross the street

Take your time in crossing the street. There’s no rush in getting across, especially if your life can depend on it. Look to the left, right, then left again before proceeding into the street. If traffic seems sporadic, then repeat the process until the coast is clear.

2.       Use sidewalks

Walking in the street or in a bike lane is dangerous. Use the sidewalks instead, where walking is designated and separates you well away from traffic.

3.       Use a crosswalk

Do not walk into the middle of the street or assume it is safe to cross a “less busy” street without using a crosswalk. Always use designated crosswalks when illuminated to cross the street. And even then, be sure to look 3 times in both directions (left, right, left) before crossing.

If you have been injured as a pedestrian

Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents can happen even for the most overcautious individuals. And many times, the pedestrian is not at fault. If you have been injured as a pedestrian, and suspect the driver may be at fault for the accident, do not hesitate to call our firm at 1-858-551-2090 for a free consultation. You have legal rights, and we can help you get the maximum financial compensation for your injuries.