While police believe that his fatal pedestrian car accident might have been a suicide, friends and family of a San Diego County music teacher are calling upon officials to reexamine the situation.

The teacher, a 34 year old man, died on January 13, 2009, when he was struck by a truck while walking along Interstate 5 in Barrio Logan.  The California Highway Patrol believes he was walking on I-5 in the hopes that it would kill him.

“He was watching traffic and, at one point, entered the traffic lanes and was struck,” said a CHP officer,  adding that there were no signs that his car had mechanical problems or that it was in an auto accident.  That has led police to suspect that this pedestrian-truck accident was no accident at all.

That has not stopped the people that knew him from disputing he purposefully caused a pedestrian-truck accident.  They cannot imagine how a man, who was as upbeat as he was, could simply give it all away.

“He was such a positive person, always so enthusiastic and really a wonderful person who was always smiling,” said a fellow co-worker, a physical education teacher where the victim had taught for nearly two years.

The individual was married and played in an orchestra in Russia before moving to San Diego.  He was known to extend an invitation to students and their parents to attend to local concerts, and he even would arrange for professional musicians to perform at schools.

CHP are being requested by the Medical Examiner’s Office to re-examine the circumstances of his death.  Maybe then his friends, family, colleagues and students will find peace in his fatal pedestrian car accident.

Our car accident lawyers have experience in pedestrian car accidents and wrongful deaths.  We hope that both the walker and the car driver are aware of their surroundings and make safe, thoughtful decisions when entering the roadway.  Losing a teacher with his character is devastating to the community.  Maybe in the future, we can avoid such a needless death in an auto accident.

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