In an effort to inform teenage drivers, the state of Oklahoma set up a small demonstration on a closed course to demonstrate how dangerous texting while driving can be and how likely car accidents can happen.

A group of 12 students in Oklahoma City were given the opportunity to drive while either eating, handling aggressive drivers and texting while behind the wheel.  All three of these things can distract a driver and take focus away from the road.

Our car accident lawyers have been warning all drivers, not just teenage drivers, about the dangers of driving while using your cell phone or anything else that can potentially distract you from paying attention to the road.

A driver’s first priority should always be the road in front of, behind and on all sides of the road.  Automobile accidents are so unpredictable that all measures need to be taken to avoid injuries like whiplash or traumatic brain injuries which are leading injuries in car accidents.

It was an eye-opening experience for one student who participated in the course.

“It wakes you up,” the student said.  “I’m not used to driving and texting so I’m not used to having one hand on the wheel either, so I was kind of like all over the place.”

On October 8, 2009, Oklahoma lawmakers were launching an introductory study on cell phone use while driving, which includes texting or using the internet.

With the advances in cell phone technology, the number of distractions for drivers has increased greatly.  Teenagers are especially vulnerable because most teenagers have a sense of invincibility.  We’ve all been there.  When we’re in that time period, we feel we are superhuman and can do anything with ease.

Too many times, these teenagers are proven wrong the hard way.

Our car accident attorneys want to make sure the message gets out that driving is very complex as it is with everything you have to pay attention to.  Why make it more difficult on yourself by trying to answer that one text message or that one email?  Is it worth it?

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