Department of Transportation head Ray LaHood has spoken against it.  Oprah Winfrey has lobbied for tougher laws against it.  Our auto accident lawyers have spoken out about it.  Distracted driving — namely, texting while driving — has gotten lots of attention recently, and a major league baseball team has recently stepped up to the plate.

The Detroit Tigers, in conjunction with AAA, are setting up the “AAA and Detroit Tigers Safe Teen Driving Weekend” at Comerica Park on Memorial Day Weekend.  Teenagers will learn about safe driving techniques as well as the dangers of distracted driving and other unsafe driving practices.

Detroit Tigers and AAA team up to help teenager drive safer.

On May 28-29, 2010, teenage drivers will be able to test their skills at two driving simulators.  The teenage driving simulators operate from 4:30 to 7 p.m. before the two Detroit Tigers games against the Oakland Athletics.  Representatives from the AAA Driving School will be at the ball park as well to answer questions from both teenagers and their parents.

In recognition of helping teenage drivers with their event, fans will be able to buy tickets in Sections 210-219 for discounted prices.  Ticket buyers in this section will be able to enjoy the game for $10.  These cheaper prices will be sold to the first 1,000.

Teenage driving causes more car accidents leading to more wrongful deaths of teens than cancer, suicide and homicide combined.  The event serves as an effort to bring more awareness to teenagers and families that they need to be even more careful than their adult counterparts.

“AAA has been involved in teen driving safety since we were formed in 1902,” a AAA Traffic Safety Manager said through a press release delivered by the Detroit Tigers.  “We’ve been very active in helping to get laws enacted which help make teens safer drivers.”

As a special added bonus, teenagers will have the opportunity to win four Tigers game tickets, access to the field during batting practice and throw out the first pitch.

Our auto accident lawyers in San Diego applaud large entities and popular public figures who take the lead when it comes to making sure teenage drivers are safe on the road.  It’s up to everyone to do their part in keeping all drivers safe.

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