In 2008, authorities linked 6,000 wrongful deaths and half a million cases of personal injuries to distracted driving.  Students at a high school in Wisconsin have taken their own stand with a petition they signed pledging not to text while driving or other distracted driving practices according to the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune.

Our auto accident lawyers are proud to see teenagers take their own steps when it comes to stopping distracted driving.  Sure, teenage drivers may think they can multi-task behind the wheel of a car, but all to often, they are proven wrong.

Teenagers sign petition promising not practice distracted driving.

Teens these days are much more technologically savvy than their parents were at the same age.  Cell phones.  Internet.  These and other new technologies have proven to be beneficial in some areas of living, but one area it isn’t is when these teens get behind the wheel of a car.

“We’re more used to texting,” a freshman at East Junior High School in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, told the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune.  “We text more than we actually call people.”

That may be true, but calling or texting friends or family while you’re driving has proven to be extremely dangerous.  Since so many of her peers believe that statement, students at East Junior High School signed a petition pledging they will not engage in distracted driving practices (i.e. texting, calling, using the Internet while at the wheel).

A police liaison was also on-hand to warn teenagers that when the state law banning texting while driving goes into effect, authorities plan to ticket aggressively.  The citations for texting while driving carry a 4-point license penalty.  The penalty doubles for teen motorists who fall under the state’s graduated driver’s licensing laws.

Our auto accident lawyers in San Diego are pleased to see the national campaign to stop texting while driving and other distracted driving practices is making a difference in the lives of so many teenagers.  Distracted driving is dangerous for people of all ages, but it’s extremely important to protect the lives of the youth.

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