The phenomenon of texting amongst teenagers is at an all time high as they send close to a hundred texts a day.  This obsession will cause teenage driver car accidents to skyrocket as texting distracts drivers.

As car accident attorneys, we understand that teenage drivers cause too many car accidents without distractions.  Meanwhile distracted drivers are also a top cause of car accidents regardless of age.  When you combine teen drivers and driver distractions, you have a recipe for auto accident and wrongful death disaster.

If you are in a car crash, you can experience a personal injury, including whiplash, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries and physical disabilities.  In addition to experiencing a personal injury an auto accident can cause you a lot of pain and suffering, emotional trauma and high medical bills.

As  unlimited texting plans offered by carriers like AT&T Mobility and Verizon Wireless have become very popular, according to the Nielsen Company teenagers sent and received an average of 2,272 text messages per month in 2008 which is almost 80 messages a day.

A pediatrician in Greenbrae, Calif., who recently surveyed students at two local high schools, concluded that many teenagers were sending hundreds of texts every day.

“That’s one every few minutes,” he said.  “Then you hear that these kids are responding to texts late at night. That’s going to cause sleep issues in an age group that’s already plagued with sleep issues.”

Sleep issues and distractions on the road are a deadly combination for a group that is already estimated to be involved in 5,000 fatal car accidents a year, with about 400,000 being seriously injured in an auto accident.

As car accident lawyers, we believe that drivers should obey the driving laws but understand that sometimes car crashes are out of your control as other drivers at times break the laws of the road which can lead to a personal injury.

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