OMG!  No more texting while driving a car for California drivers.

Since driving while sending a text message is dangerous, the CA governor has signed a new car accident prevention law that went into effect on January 1, 2009 that makes it illegal to write, send or read text messages on a cell phone while driving a car or any motor vehicle (California Vehicle Code, Section 23123.5).

Our firm’s dedicated car accident lawyers know how cellphones make for distracted drivers and feel that this law is way overdue.  In many ways, sending a text message can be more distracting to a driver than actually talking on a cell phone.  Why?  Because a car driver probably looks down and takes their eyes off the road while texting.

A distracted driver will make more mistakes that lead to car accidents than a focused and attentive driver.  Previous cell phone laws made strides towards eliminating distractions caused by mobile devices, but this law gives attention to the overlooked phenomena that text messaging has become.

Many cell phone providers allow for cell phone users to send unlimited text messages (with certain calling plans).  As a result, many people — a lot of them teenage drivers — are sending hundreds of text messages a month.  Previously, it was only illegal to for people under 18 to send a text message while driving.  Now, no one is permitted to do so, as many car accidents have been caused by a distracted driver who was texting.

It is refreshing to see California taking the initiative to limit the distractions that lead to car accidents.

Our firm’s car accident lawyers know the effects of distracted drivers.  We work to seek compensation for car accident victims, but nothing can replace or compensate of loved one for losing a family member to a wrongful death in a car accident.  Can sending a text while driving really be worth a lifetime of anguish if it causes a deadly car accident?

Finally, there are many new and emerging car accident prevention technologies to stop car drivers from endangering themselves or others.  But until then, your best car insurance policy is to put the phone down.

In the meantime, drivers will just have to TTYL — “talk to you later” — when they arrive at their destination.

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