Even though most states around the country already have laws on their books prohibiting people driving and texting, it’s still a relatively common practice. In fact many people may abhor the practice of texting and driving in public conversation but might admit to being guilty of it themselves.

Just How Prevalent is Texting and Driving? 

According to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study, the percentage of drivers who texted while driving actually has increased in recent years despite the fact that these laws are on the books. If so many people are already doing it, then is texting and driving really that dangerous? The answer is a clear and resounding yes.

In the same study that looked at the percentage of drivers who texted and drove, the NHTSA also found that writing or reading texts behind the wheel could increase the chances of an accident by 2300%.

The Damage Caused by Texting and Driving 

More than half a million injuries and 6000 deaths are caused by distracted drivers each year, and yet texting and driving is still a serious problem on the roads. Part of the reason for this is that people don’t understand the severity of an accident caused by texting and driving, even though publication of this major concern has been widespread over the past several years. The reality is that any driver losing his/her attention from the road, even for just a few seconds could be devastating in nature.

How to Avoid Accidents and Injuries

You should never engage in texting and driving behind the wheel and it is also a rule you should have in place for any teenage or new drivers in your family. Enforce this rule by not breaking it yourself. As a parent you have the opportunity to set forth a good example and explaining the dangers of texting and driving can help develop safe habits with you and your children. Take the issue seriously and avoid the major injuries or fatalities associated with texting and driving on California’s roadways and all across the country every year.