Everybody makes mistakes, young and old, but according to statistics, teenage driers make more driving mistakes that cause injuries in auto accidents or wrongful death.  AAA, with the help of KSL 5 in Salt Lake City, outlined the ten deadliest mistakes teenage drivers make.

If you’re a teenager with a car, you are probably thrilled about the freedom that a vehicle supplies.  Our auto accident lawyers just want to remind you of the great responsibility driving is, as you must protect your life and the lives of the other people on the road.  Use this list an example of what not to do.

The ten biggest mistakes teenage drivers make causing wrongful death.

Every year, teenage drivers make mistakes that cause auto accidents leading to personal injuries or wrongful death.  Teenagers reading this blog and parents of teenage drivers should take note of the following ten biggest mistakes you can make behind the wheel.

  1. Risk taking.  Since auto accidents are the leading cause of injuries and wrongful death for people age 15 to 20, don’t take unnecessary risks.
  2. Not wearing a seat belt.  Seat belts are the simplest way to prevent injuries and fatal auto accidents.  It’s also illegal to be a driver or passenger without wearing one.
  3. Speed.  Take note of what the speed limit is for the road you’re driving on, and stick to it.  Speeding can increase the chance of an auto accident because it reduces the amount of time you have to react to avoid one.
  4. Rowdy riders.  Did you know adding one teenage passenger to a vehicle increases a teenage driver’s chances of getting into an auto accident by 50 percent?
  5. Cell phones.  Driving should be your only focus.  Distracted driving caused by cell phone use is a growing national problem, and new laws have made it illegal.
  6. CD players.  If you can, refrain from changing your music while driving.  Studies have shown that changing radio stations or getting the right tune on an iPod is the most common distraction for teenage drivers.
  7. Late-night cruising.  Some states actually do not allow teenagers to drive at night until they reach a certain age.  Driving at night can be dangerous because of decreased visibility, so drive at night only if you absolutely have to.
  8. Driving under the influenceDrunk driving is dangerous for drivers of any age, but teenage drivers face double trouble if they get caught — drunk driving charges and charges of minors in possession of alcohol.
  9. Peer pressure.  Don’t be afraid to have a mind of your own.  If you believe that something your friends suggest is a bad idea, don’t do it.  Since your life is at stake if you make a mistake, you shouldn’t be convinced to do something you don’t want to.
  10. Overconfidence.  Teenage drivers don’t know everything there is to know about driving.  Many auto accidents are the result of a teenager thinking they can do something but are proven wrong.

Getting a drivers license symbolizes so much in the life of a teenager.  It is a gigantic step into a whole new world of opportunity.  As this is granted, remember to drive safely and responsibly.  Homework mistakes can be corrected, but driving mistakes can change your life or the lives of anyone suffering injuries or wrongful death forever.

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