Even though auto makers have been introducing state-of-the-art technological improvements in cars for years, the price for auto safety has reached too far for many Americans. These technological advancements have, in many cases, simply raised the cost of cars meaning that the average American cannot access these improvements for themselves.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety classifies crash avoidance as many different technologies that monitor driver input as well as the environment around the vehicle in order to warn the driver when they detect the possibility of a collision.

Crash Avoidance: What Does it Look Like?

These include lane departure alerts, blind spot detection, frontal collision avoidance, adaptive cruise control and electronic stability control. These are some of the most common collision prevention safety features in cars today, but some of them have become way too expensive for the average American. While these safety features are groundbreaking, they are more often than not available in luxury cars.

The premium prices on luxury cars lock many Americans out of being able to access these features or even being aware that they exist. While these technological advancements certainly have their place for helping people, they are not really of much value if you can’t afford it.

As these technologies are being deployed more broadly around the world, however, it is expected that they will come down in price and become more accessible for the average Joe.

Until then, it still pays to be knowledgeable about your own safety and proceed cautiously anytime that you are on the road. You should never rely on the technology in your car to protect you 100% from a dangerous accident.