There has been no shortage of research dedicated to the impact of distracted driving. This surge in interest is largely tied to the concept that distracted driving accidents are completely preventable, yet the injuries and fatalities associated with them are devastating. Despite the high number of studies illustrating the dangers of distracted driving, the behavior persists. This holds true even when individuals understand the implications of distracted driving or have seen the impact it can leave behind.

The most recent comprehensive study in the field of distracted driving comes out of the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. More than 1600 drivers participated in a study that tracked them over 35 million miles. Sensors, radar, and cameras helped to capture important data points about the common nature and type of distracted driving. 905 severe accidents were recorded over the duration of the study.

Fatigue, driver impairment, and driver error were some of the leading causes of car accidents in the study. A driver engaged in distracted behavior could cause life-threatening injuries in car accidents. A driver who was otherwise alert and sober doubled his or her crash risk when using a cellphone or similar handheld device.

When someone else’s negligence as a result of distraction causes an accident where you suffer injuries, you have rights. You should never minimize the potential medical implications of sustaining injuries in an accident like this. Some of the most common issues associated with car accidents in San Diego, including back pain and head trauma, may never fully disappear. As the accident victim, you could be the one paying the price long-term for the accident.