An individual who has suffered a stroke may have many different implications from the accident. The ability to drive is one of the biggest challenges that stroke survivors tend to face during their recovery. There is nothing specifically that could prohibit an otherwise healthy stroke driver from operating a vehicle again.

It is a good idea for a stroke survivor to go through a professional driving test or evaluation in order to determine whether he or she is still able to operate a vehicle safely. Far too many stroke survivors rush back to their driving habit without undergoing an official test.

This puts not only them, but other motorists at risk of being injured in a serious San Diego car accident as a result of impaired driving capabilities. New findings come from a study presented at the American Stroke Association. This study determined that less than 6% of people who lived through a stroke underwent any kind of formal driving evaluation before they started driving again. More than half of stroke survivors admitted that they returned to driving within one month of suffering through a stroke. If you have gone through a stroke, consider getting a professional driving evaluation so that you can protect yourself and others on the road.