On May 12, 2009 a prisoner passed away at age 80, six of those years being spent wrongfully on death row before his conviction of the brutal 1979 murder of a suburban Philadelphia schoolteacher and her two children was overturned.

As personal injury lawyers in San Diego, we believe that everyone has the right to a fair trial and the pursuit to live a happy and healthy life.  Usually a case where someone is murdered or dies, it is very rare to find the supposed guilty party wrongfully on death row and then getting their sentence overturned.

Those who are falsely imprisoned experience the occasional injustice of the justice system.  It happens all the time, when a company guilty of products liability does not have to pay damages to injured persons hurt by their defective products or when a motorist who is drinking and driving is at fault for a car crash is allowed to go free, even though they were solely responsible for taking another person’s life.

Even before his murder conviction, the man was by no means a saint, having his slips and falls with the law over the years.

In 1979 he was convicted of firearms violations and the robbery of a Sears store.  His daughter and son-in-law vanished without a trace.  Then there came his infamous conviction of murder followed by having that sentence reversed in a landmark legal ruling.  But still, the court found him not guilty of murder and while their pride might have been hurt, they released the man innocent of murder before committing him to a wrongful death.

Our San Diego personal injury attorneys who fight for justice in America, we believe that all people and groups of people deserved to have justice bestowed upon them, even if they have not been innocent all their life.

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